Reassessing Priorities 2

I decided against moving my site to a different URL or restricting access for the time being. Either of those defeat the purpose of what I want for this site, and to me the site is more important than other stuff. I did make a small change that I hope isn’t noticable, and there might be other behind the scenes steps that I take, it all depends.
If you have your own website, reading the Electronic Frontiers Foundation’s Legal Rights for Bloggers is mission critical. This page is really enlightening, and if you e-mail them to ask questions, they do help you out.
I made the decision years ago to use my own name & face on my website, and since my name and URL have been on television, there’s really no going back from that position. For the most part that’s been a good decision, but there are times when I have regrets about doing it, and this is one of them.

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  1. Beth

    I am glad you decided to stay. This is always an enlightening read!

  2. Dori

    Great news for your regular readers! Glad that your site will remain accessible–and thanks for those helpful links.

  3. Stephen Nulty

    Glad you haven’t restricted your website or journal. I’d really miss visiting it if you had.

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