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I’ve been doing some further site tweaking over the last several days. The major thing I accomplished was getting my Big Things photo galleries into the content management system, which will make it infinitely easier to edit the content on those pages. Which I desperately need to do. There are lots of new photos I need to add and some broken links I need to fix, and at least one thumbnail display issue I need to address also.

The other advantage to having them in my database is that now people can comment on the pages; something they’ve never been able to do before. And I can track those pages in google analytics much better as well.


I also altered the search results templates to display only an excerpt of each entry, rather than the whole entry, which makes scanning results much easier. I’m still not thrilled with the display and want to tweak that page further, but it’s much better. Incremental changes.

There are two more major design change I need to make — a real header design for the site, instead of the rather simplistic logo and site name that’s up there. And a consistent treatment for photos I post from flickr.

And there are two other content changes — retroactively adding my flickr photosets from events back into the site, and cleaning up the tagging on all the site entries so related entries lists are accurate and complete.

And I should probably also WRITE SOMETHING interesting to keep people coming back to the site, shouldn’t I? 🙂

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  1. Bil Browning

    Didn’t you have a banner at one time that had pictures of the spines of lots of books? I’m so sure it used to look like that for some reason.
    Your site has been around about as long as, Steph. We’ve both gone through so many iterations that it’s hard to remember clearly!

  2. Steph

    Nope, never had the book spines as a header. Not a bad idea; I’ve considered something like that.
    My site’s been around since around November of 1994 and I think I’ve had something like 12 different designs or so in that time, from what I can reconstruct from my old design files and from Sadly, I didn’t do screen captures of each design before I replaced it, so I can’t do a “through the years” retrospective. is pretty incomplete, too.

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