Big Things Updated

Indianapolis Giant Red Arrow
Indianapolis Giant Red Arrow

I’m being interviewed by a reporter from Nuvo tonight about my “Big Things” Photo Galleries, so in honor of the occasion, I’ve added tons of photos to the galleries. I’d been behind in adding things for awhile, even though I’ve been taking photos constantly over the last year. Now all my new pics are added, with the exception of some photos that my friend Eric took for me in Minnesota. I have to research exactly where they’re located before I throw them into the mix.

There are a handful of new photos in the Indianapolis section, some of them updates of things I already had and some are new inflatables I spotted. There are a lot of new photos in the “Indiana and Beyond” section, because I took a few day trips and also added things I photographed on the way to my grandmother’s house last year.

I have a brand new tracking system at home now, too, with an Indiana map on my office wall with all the new big things marked that I need to locate.

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