Our Toronto Honeymoon – Day 1

We’re staying on Carleton Street near Yonge Street, which is in downtown Toronto. We got out today and did some walking on Yonge Street south of our hotel.

People seem much thinner here in Toronto than Indianapolis. In fact, I think I was the largest person I saw all day, which is not the case in Indiana. But it’s a much more pedestrian/cycling city, so that makes sense. It’s very easy to get around without a car right around where we’re staying; there’s a subway and lots of bike paths.

People are very stylish, which may also be about the part of town we’re in. The sartorialist would have a great time here in Toronto; there are tons of well-dressed, creatively-styled people to look at. I didn’t get too snap-happy with the camera because I didn’t want to be rude, but there were quite a few people rocking their look.

What we did today:

  1. Ate breaksfast at Fran’s Diner – a great 1940’s diner on College Street.
  2. Changed money at CIBC bank — do this in Indianapolis instead, and save a few dollars. We didn’t have the free time to do it home.
  3. shopped at Winners – like a TJ Maxx, only better clothes and PACKED, with lines to get into fitting rooms. People seemed very serious about their shopping – possibly because they were on their lunch hour from work.
  4. Sat in Barbara Ann Scott Park near skating rink.
  5. Walked south down Yonge Street through Dundas Square, where there’s lots of shopping.
  6. Visited a souvenir shop & bought a royal canadian mountie moose.
  7. Shopped at American Apparel
  8. Shopped at LaChateau
  9. Saw Dundas Square, which is like Toronto’s version of Times Square.
  10. Visited Eaton Center Mall – Shopped at Roots, Indigo Books
  11. Too photos of The Church of the Holy Trinity, Trinity Square Park & the meditation labyrinth. This was a beautiful little square tucked in behind the mall. Toronto has lots of lovely public spaces.
  12. Ate at the Elephant and Castle Pub for dinner. It’s a chain; we didn’t realize until we went in. But it was decent dinner.
  13. Back to hotel & saw Baby Mama at the Cineplex Odeon near the hotel.

Photo Set: our first day in Toronto.

Photo Collection: Wedding and Honeymoon Photos

I love traveling with Stephanie; she’s so much fun to go on a trip with, because I love talking to her and sharing things with her. I realized a couple things after looking at photos from Day 1 – we need to get people to snap pictures of us together, and we need to do goofy things in photos, because we really are having a good time, but in a few of the pictures Stephanie looks so posed.

Breakfast at Fran's

Barbara Ann Scott Park & Ice Rink

Sam the Record Man

Dundas Square

Trinity Square

Labyrinth in Trinity Park

Sergeant RC Moose at your service

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