Chromaflare custom new beetle paintjob

Chromaflare custom new beetle paintjob

Chromaflare New Beetle

We spotted this Custom Chromaflare painted New Beetle in the BW3s parking lot on the south side of Indianapolis yesterday. Stephanie is pretty sure this is a custom paintjob and not one of the limited editions from VW. The interior isn’t what VW would make on a limited edition.

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Chromaflare custom new beetle

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  1. Kayla

    Thanks for posting this picture! I saw this car the other day in Indy and i fell in love with it! But i really wish it was a limited edition VW instead of a paintjob.. 🙁

  2. luke

    hey nice picture my bmx is the same colour and were i live there is only two cars the same a mini cooper and a astra and my bmx is one of the kind i took it away for paint and they sed wat colour do i want i sed any they sed we will do pearlecsent white and it came back this colour i fell in love with it

  3. reggie

    It was actually a special edition, only the 2003 models,they did both the purple and also a blue/green one. Hard to come by, I am currently looking to buy one! But they are out there.

    1. Hawthorn Mineart

      Actually – it isn’t one of the special edition Chromaflares. This is a custom paint job. My wife can pick out the details to explain – but I know we looked at the interior details, among other things. Stephanie is an expert on New Beetle models and paint jobs – we routinely show our New Beetle at VW shows. That’s why we stopped to take photos of this one in particular; she has detailed photos of both the purple and blue/green chromaflares from beetle shows – her friends own them. When we saw this one, she did a double-take, because the mix of colors isn’t quite the same as the purple chromaflare, so she went to drool on it.

    2. Bryant

      I am putting my 2 owner 03 Purple/Cyan Chromaflair up for sale. 69k miles. Great condition.
      Bryantmorris88 at yahoo dot com

  4. Lisa

    Hi, I actually have the violet/green chromaflair beetle. It is not custom but one of 50 sold in the USA as far as I know.
    If anyone has any information about it I would love to know.

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