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One of the cool things about my new MacBook is that I could load several video games I own but couldn’t really play on my old machine – Age of Empires, Zoo Tycoon, Black and White – so I’ve been goofing off playing video games all weekend. I did managed to write a couple of blog posts, hang curtain rods in the living room, clean up the kitchen and finally clean the Aquarium so the fish could see. I also updated my inventory of all of our electronics with models and serial numbers, to include my new stuff and all of Stephanie’s geekbling, too. We had one of Stephanie’s friends over for a tour of the house, and we used the snowblower for the first time here. I managed to run over the dog chain with it, so we spent 20 minutes untangling that from the blades of the machine. But it was fun. Normally I’d be excited about the snow, but I’m worried about our gutters still being undone.
I still have to write reviews of Fun Home and The Boy Detective Fails which I finished last weekend.
We cocooned in the house again this weekend. I went to water aerobics, we ventured out to go to the IMAX Theater 10 year celebration, (I had to go, it was Big Thing) and Stephanie went skating, of course, but otherwise we hung out at home and enjoyed spending time with each other and the kids.
It’s so lovely to finally be able to just hang out with Stephanie and enjoy her company – we spent so much time driving back and forth to one another’s houses before we lived together, and even the first six months of living together were filled up with getting things squared away, and so many obligations and activities. Now even doing simple stuff like cooking or reading is more fun because we’re in the same spot, sharing the experience. I love my girlfriend.

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  1. Scott

    When you are ready to play some Age of Empires head to head, give me a call.

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