Weekend Update 2006-03-19

It’s been one of those weekends where I putter about and do a lot of little organizing and putting things away, but the house seems as cluttered as when I started. I hauled a lot of the recycling in (I still need to work on the paper/cardboard recycling) but there are still major areas I need to get under control, like the “spare room” down stairs, which is where I store all my tools and household supplies, and the office, where I desperately need to get an organization scheme in place for office supplies and computer-related cords, cables, etc. I also need to consolidate items from the laundry room with items from the spare room and get them under control.

All my plans are complicated by my discovery that the bathroom sink downstairs has a leaky faucet, which is dripping down behind the vanity and making the floor damp. This is one of the really poorly plumbed utilities in the house (courtesy of the previous owner), so fixing it is going to be a headache. Even turning off the valve under the sink is a chore; the knobs on the valve are so old and corroded that they’re stuck.


On the bright side, I just started watching the sci-fi channel’s new version of the Brit classic Dr. Who, and it looks smashing. (I can use that word; my sister’s British!) Watching this, combined with the BBC America production of Hustle, which is also set in London, so makes me want to live there. Why can’t we have red buses, black cabs and cool phone booths?

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  1. Michelle

    Where do you take your recycling? I’ve only been able to find paper recycling on the north side. My girlfriend and I want to find some place more full service (glass, cardboard, etc) for all the crap we have that should be recycled.

  2. Hawthorn Mineart

    There’s a paper recycling place on West street, just south of downtown. I believe it’s 1720 S. West Street — or something like that. They take EVERYTHING paper, including cardboard, cardstock, magazines, newspapers, office paper.

    When I dropped off my stuff today, I found they’re also taking all kinds of plastics; not just 1 & 2 plastics but they also had a bin for 3-7, which includes things like egg cartons, etc. AND, they take plastic bags, like the kind you get at the grocery store/target/kmart, etc.
    There was another new bin there that might have been bottles and tin cans; it didn’t have a sign and I didn’t investigate too much, because I had to hurry home.

    I was THRILLED to find out about the 3-7 plastics and plastic bags, because we’ve been throwing away the 3-7 stuff, and recycling plastic bags on a separate trip to Walmart. Now we can do all of our recycling in 1 or 2 trips. (depending on if they take glass and cans.)

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