Weekend Update 2001-11-11

I had a fantastic three-day weekend in which I accomplished a ton of stuff around the house and otherwise, complete with photos.

  • I raked all the leaves around my house, raked them off the roof, and cleaned out the gutters.
  • I finished the cellar door and opened up the blocked off back door, trashed all of the refuse wall board and particle board, and cleaned out the new little entryway in the back.
  • I put together a storage shelf for the bathroom.
  • I put together a floor lamp for the living room.
  • I had the new floorboards for the living room delivered.
  • I did all my laundry and got my hair cut.
  • I played with my doggie and took pictures of him.
  • I set up some additional security electronics for the house.
  • I bought wall sconces for the living room, a couple of cool lights to make a lamp from, and the remaining trim pieces I need to redo all the trim for the foyer.
  • I settled on a color scheme for the living room.
  • I bought sheer curtains that will go in the living room, and curtain rods for the foyer.
  • I stripped the tile around the fireplace in the living room.
  • I organized the storage room off the kitchen.
  • I e-mailed all sorts of people.
  • I read three magazines and a started reading a new book.

Photos of all this activity will come shortly.

(2014 update: I swear I was not on crack.)

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