weekend update 2001-01-30

1) Went to see Barbara Higbie & Suzanne Westenhoeffer in concert Friday night. Barbara was great and I talked to her mom afterwards. After the concert, I went to Utopia [2019-04-16: former lesbian bar in Indianapolis] and hung out with my friend Jennie.

2) Went with my brother and sister-in-law to an antique mall on Saturday and bought a fez, then met my other brothers and nieces at the Children’s Museum, where I realized there are tons of big things there that I need to photograph, then visited my mom until late and my nieces & brother & sisters-in-law made shrinky dinks and pretty much exhausted the dink-supply.

3) On Sunday, I went to my friend Karl’s to watch the superbowl with a bunch of my friends/co-workers, got drunk, stayed late and crawled to work the next morning hung. Fun.

Also found out this weekend that my landlady is asking me to sign a lease and she’s going to raise my rent by $50. Since I’m already paying more than I’d like for this apartment, I’m going to have to move.

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