Weekend Update 2000-07-05

Friday – Tuesday were the long Independence Day weekend. It was pretty boring because I forgot to make plans ahead of time, and of course everyone had something to do but me. I read most of the time.
Friday I went to the Fashion mall and bought $52 worth of Aveda shampoo/conditioner/body wash, etc. A lot to spend, but it’s huge bottles and It all smells the same and is better quality stuff. Then I went to see Up At The Villa in Castleton. Not a bad little movie, but pretty slow paced. I guess it’s from a Somerset Maugham novel.
Saturday I went to Future Shock and bought two pairs of shoes; these wicked cool black leather pair with flames on them and a pair of Old Skool Vans. I wore the flame ones to Dan and Doug’s and they didn’t know what to think, obviously, so I guess they’re pretty over the top. But they’re cool and I like them and that’s all that counts. There were a bunch more pairs of shoes I want there, too, so I’ll be going back.
Sunday I went to The Abbey and had a nice Pesto chicken sandwich and iced coffee and hung out and wrote some quite extensive oulines/character studies on the regency novel. I got a lot done, then went to Target and Borders, where I found that five of the Georgette Heyer novels have been reprinted, so I bought four of them, along with Timelines in History, so I can figure out what books/events my characters would have been interested in.
I finished the prototyping I was working on on Friday, and then we reworked the basic site design for regeneration this week. It looks a lot cleaner and cooler, so that’s pretty cool.
Came home to find that Mary had a roofer come in to look at the leaky ceiling. I guess he resealed the roof but will be coming back in the next two weeks to redo the entire roof, which is a good thing, I guess, but I’ll be on pins and needles till then, since I’ll have to keep Idgie away from them, and since there will be strangers in my apt. I’ll have to walk around and put stuff away.

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