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It’s only the first morning of my vacation, and it’s already shaping up to be as craptastic as the last vacation I took, in which I spent 70% of the time running around doing shit for other people, 30% doing work on my house (which didn’t make a dent in what I had to get done) and 0% of vacation time relaxing and enjoying myself or doing something fun.
I wasted this whole morning trying to pack a bunch of eBay crap to ship, and trying to appease a really high-maintenance eBay purchaser for whom I had to recalculate the shipping costs on a combined order several times and repack the box twice. I think I’m ending up eating a good chunk of the shipping costs to ArdentX in the process, fortunately, which will have to come out of my pocket. Fuck. Now I have to waste the afternoon taking this stuff to UPS.
[note to self: stop volunteering. stop volunteering. stop volunteering. get more sleep.]

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  1. Steph Mineart

    Wow, I’m bitchy. sheesh. Having delivered the eBay items safely into the mail, and made a grocery store run and had some lunch, I’m feeling less cranky this afternoon. Hopefully I will be less of a pain to my fellow man.

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