Vacation update

Tuesday night I went out with Stephanie K. to see “13 Going on 30.” That was a fun little movie.
Wednesday, I did some gardening. Thursday morning, I hung around the house because the phone guy was coming to add phone jacks to the house. He told me I needed to have the Alarm guy come and redo the alarm wiring in the telephone box, because it was done badly. So I called the alarm company, and spend Thursday afternoon waiting for the alarm guy. He reworked the wiring for the phone and reset the delay on the back door, so my alarm works correctly. He also asked me out on a date. I told him I was seeing someone. Turns out, I am, so I wasn’t lying. I went out to Iaria’s Italian Restaurant with Stephanie K. for dinner. Eventually we got around to telling each other that we liked each other.

Today, I used my tax check to go and buy the couch that matches my leather chair. There are a whole bunch of reasons why it was a good idea to do it; it was inexpensive comparatively, I already had the chair and wanted something that looked good, I was afraid the line would go out of production and I’d never get it, I’ve wanted a new couch for years. But the main one is that my old couch is really uncomfortable to make out on.

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