Route 66, Day 8: Sunday Morning, Roswell

Yesterday was the Car Show at the Roswell Convention Center and Beetle parade through Roswell; lots of fun; the weather was very hot. I have tons of pictures; the modifications on cars are dizzying; I can’t keep track of them all. I found myself wanting a beetle, too. Today though, I realize I need to be practical and just take good care of my truck.

Uploading pictures doing so in the room isn’t possible (I got four photos up yesterday) so we might venture out to find a real internet connection today sometime.

Roswell R2K Parade

We had dinner at a restaurant called Farleys – I think it’s a chain, but the interior was very cool; futurama steampunk. And the food was good; wish we had one it Indianapolis.
On Friday afternoon, I started having another bout of my reoccurring pleurisy. I’m loading up on ibuprofen and trying to ignore it. The other alternative is to try to get a prednisone prescription over the phone, which I may end up doing, cause I’m not feeling great.

Farley's Restaurant

In the evening, we did a drive-in movie in the Convention Center parking lot with an inflated screen, where they showed an episode of Car Crazy featuring this car show last year, and the Herbie the Love Bug, which was much better than I remembered. I haven’t been to a drive-in in quite a while; we need to go when we get home.

New Beetle Drive-In Theater

This morning there isn’t much to do, we we’re going to visit the laundry room, and this afternoon is a rally – which I guess is like a scavenger hunt in the car.
Tomorrow morning we head out to Albuquerque, to hop back on Route 66 with the rest of the caravan and start the western leg of our trip out to California.

Spacepod and Phoebe at the Drive In

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