Pittsburg, Kansas

We made our way across Missouri today, and into the eastern edge of Kansas, where my aunt Susan and uncle Ron live, with their kids. Sarah is the one getting married tomorrow. Today we photographed:

1. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis (we went up in it!)

The gateway arch

2. A giant baseball (we stumbled on this one, so not a great picture.)

Giant Baseball

3. A giant shoe, made of shoes (in front of a shoe company, of course.)

Nope, too big.

4. A giant Muffler-man style cowboy


5. An entire A and W Root Beer Family. (Very rare!)

A&W Rootbeer Family

5a. My truck turning 27,000 miles

27,000 miles on my truck

6. A giant bowling Pin

Giant Bowling Pin

7. A giant cow at the Mule Trading Post (we stumbled on it while charging my camera battery.)

Giant cow at the Mule Trading Post

8. A giant Dinosaur near Exit 130 on I-44 (visible from the road!)
(Photo eventually, sorry.)

9. A giant Fork near Springfield, Missouri (it’s still there, DocLarry, just near an ad agency now.)

World's Largest Fork

Photo Set: Kansas Road Trip so far. (Includes way more photos than what I posted here.)

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