Our Toronto Honeymoon – Day 3

Today, we got married in City Hall, Toronto. Judy in the ceremonial chambers found witnesses for us – Harold and Steve from Houston were scheduled to get married just after us, so they were our witnesses, and we were theirs. They were an adorable gay couple from Houston, Texas — together 15 years, married for 10, making it legal today in Toronto. Steve is a consultant, Harold a flight attendant. Harold reminded us of David Guadagnoli – Dark haired and blue eyed; he didn’t look or sound exactly like him, but definitely had David’s smile and some of his mannerisms… it was sweet but a little surreal, and honestly, just a little bit heart-wrenching.

Our officiant was Basil — and in this ceremony, we got to say both “I do” and “I thee wed.” It was quite fun.

After we got married, we wandered west on Queen Street West, and saw the little bohemian neighborhood there. We were looking for the corner where Stephanie Street meets Phoebe Street so we could take pictures. I was awfully glad we did, because there are some really gorgeous Victorians along Stephanie Street and Beverly Street to photograph. And it was fun to take pictures under the street signs.

Then we wandered back up University to the hotel and went to our appointments at the spa. I’ve never had a massage before – it was heavenly. I could see spending lots of money on that.

And we wandered out in search of dinner — this time north of the hotel to the Church-Wellesley neighborhood; the “gayborhood” of Toronto. I took photos of Woody’s – the bar from Queer as Folk. And we had dinner at Fuzion; expensive, but one of the best meals I’ve ever had. I had the perfect trifecta – dirty vodka martinis, a romaine salad with anchovies, and quail with capers. Stephanie had the Fuzion salad and Sea Bass. Dessert was a chocolate tart with strawberry sorbet. All of it was also heavenly. A quite lovely, happy day.

Photo Collection: Wedding and Honeymoon Photos

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