Kingman, Arizona for the night

We decided to make an early night of it in Kingman, Arizona; staying at a Comfort Inn because they have a indoor hot tub and free wireless. Ah, sweet high-speed internet, how I love thee so. I thought I would never see you again. This way we’ll have some time to decompress and get an early start headed east in the morning. And upload some of the gazillion pictures I’ve taken, I hope. I’m realizing that I need to create separate sets of pictures for each day of the trip, but that’s not going to happen until I get home.
Geodome house next to I-40
Our friends Dan and Doug are having the billionth annual 70’s party back at home in Indianapolis; we’re keeping caught up with the festivities by twitter.
And if someone gets a chance, tell John Steele that Phoebe loves her new vacuum hose, and we are so grateful to him for being our personal Route 66 mechanic, along with Jerry. John Steele rules.
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