Foot High Pies

We’re stopping at the Blue Springs Restaurant near Highland, Illinois, because they advertise foot-high pies. And we discovered they have free wifi at this gloriously gingham-bedecked country-fied cafe. They also offer “Ho-made” pork sausage and “Ho-made” mashed potatoes. I didn’t realize hos were such good cooks. We took pictures of the foot-high pies (whose towering height is mostly due to meringue) and now we’re splitting a piece of chocolate and blogging our trip so far.
Foot-high Chocolate Pie
We stopped at the Giant Cross at Effingham, and also jumped off 70 at Vandalia, the old state capitol to take a pictures of the Madonna of the Trail statue at Illinois’s old state capitol.
Giant Cross at Effingham, Illinois
madonna of the trail
After this, we’re off to find a giant bottle of catsup.

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