All Pods Go To Roswell

All Pods Go to Roswell
All Pods Go to Roswell
Every year in June, the town of Roswell, New Mexico plays host to the largest New Beetle Car Show in the world. Hundreds of New Beetle owners make their way to the famed UFO desert town in organized caravans for the 3 day event that includes a car show, parade, parties, rallies and a skywatch party where the explorers watch for the mothership to take all the pods back to the home planet.

The event is organized by a large online community of folks that are passionate about their cars. My girlfriend Stephanie, the proud owner of a Black New Beetle named Phoebe, is a veteran of the Roswell event, and is going again this year.
Stephanie’s good friend Lisa Linn is also a veteran attendee, and she (being the techno whiz that she is) documents the event extensively on her own site: All Pods Go To

The site features a web log, video documents and a photo log (podvision!) updated live at 1 minute intervals during the entire trek of the eastern caravan. Now if you think about that for a minute — that’s a remarkable technological achievement. Lisa outfits her New Beetle, Spacepod, with three web cams attached to the car with giant magnets. The cams feed photos to her iBook, where she adds captions, and using her cell phone, she transmits the photos to the live site.

Check out last year’s event to see exactly how it all works. To keep the cameras from getting wet, they even gave them little “raincoats.” 🙂

Update: This years Podvision will go live on Tuesday morning (June 15th) as Lisa begins her trek to the event, held over the weekend of June 19th. Watch the live progress of the caravan and you’ll see my girlfriend Stephanie join the caravan in Nashville.

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