weird happy

The whole week has been…. weird and sweet, and, kinda happy in that weird way that happy has happened lately. After last week, with the depression and unhappiness going on… any relief has been good. I realize that much of my unhappiness was self-wrought… I could’ve dealt with it much more matter-of-fact-ly than I did. But I’m so used to being frugal and self-denying that I went overboard, really. That was pretty stupid: I don’t really have to anymore. Old habits die hard.
I bought ‘Sex in the City” the first season, after I watched the second. It might be good to watch them in order: I’ll make sure every one else does. Dan and Doug are moving this weekend. I don’t know whether to offer to help or try to stay out of the way.
Here’s a tip, though; don’t watch two seasons of “Sex in the City” right after watching the whole first season of “Queer As Folk.” Too, too much sex to see all at one time.

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