The Road to Springfield

The Road to Springfield: [link deprecated] Vote on your favorite supporting character in NCAA playoff-style matches. To be eligible, the character must have appeared in at least two episodes. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are ineligible.

This weekend was laid-back but pretty busy: I went to the lesbian picnic on Friday night. Saturday, we did a brief run through the Talbott Street art fair, peered in the windows of Dan and Doug’s new house (they’re closing Wednesday) and ate lunch at Bazbeaux. On Saturday night, I went to R. Bistro (Massachusetts Ave.) with Dan, Doug, Garrett, Amy, Jeremy, Jennifer, Barb, Michelle, and Ralph. David’s the manager, there; it’s a new restaurant. Nice place; definitely go.

I spend Sunday working on the lawn and “verandah”. I finished putting up hooks for hanging plants, then planted the Snow-in-Summer seeds and Black Eyed Susans, then I went and bought a hanging plant and a bunch of small plants for the front flower bed.

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