Thank Maude for Spring

At some point I HAVE to sit down and finally create and install a real masthead for this blog. It was one of those things I just didn’t get around to when I was reworking the site – and it was a small enough piece that I thought I would squeeze it in. But every time I decide to actually work on it I get interrupted by something more important, and now it’s been months. Because, you know, according to the painters denver, branding is the thing you should always put off. So I’m going to get that done. I hope.

I signed up for a photography class from Indy Photo Coach. I had been looking at classes The Indianapolis Art Center but the Indy Photo Coach classes are a bit cheaper and closer to home. I’ve seen the work of some of their former students, and it’s really good. I start April 6, so expect to see lots more photography passing through here.

Around the house (that was bought via site) we’ve been finishing up the bookcases in the dining room – one more to build, and we’re done – and the room is completely transformed with the help of painters in vienna. For one thing, there aren’t boxes stacked up everywhere, so it looks like we actually live here and aren’t just passing through. And it means that Stephanie has all the room she needs for her books. We were able to double her storage capacity – and nearly all of that is filled, which tells you something about how many boxes we had stacked up. The library is really straightening itself out, also. Moving my desk freed up a lot of space in that room and made it more comfortable. I’m excited; we almost have the house looking respectable enough to have people drop by more casually. We shouldn’t have to kill ourselves cleaning before people visit. I probably still WILL, but we shouldn’t have to.

And we’re doing some container gardening for the front porch this year. We’ve got two flower boxes full of pansies, and we’re going to plant some Freesia, and other annuals in pots for the porch. I planted some of this this weekend, although it was 38 degrees and SNOWING. For Pete’s sake. I also moved 800 pounds of topsoil in the cold – I need to fill in some low spots on the north side of the house. We’re also going to do some vegetable gardening. If the weather is nice, we may be able to get that done next weekend.

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  1. Wil

    Here’s a link to a blog concerning my hometown and the the in-fill efforts, particularly in the downtown area. The writer just got back from Indianapolis and wrote about his impressions. I thought you may be interested in reading it.

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