Who knew swimsuits wear out so fast? Apparently, everyone who swims regularly I guess. The suit I bought when I started water aerobics in September is already faded and falling apart, which really surprised me. I’m used to a suit lasting for a couple years. But then, I wasn’t getting in the pool three times a week before now, either.

So I bought this suit from a swim store here in Indy at lunch. It’s 100% polyester, so it should last 8 months to a year. And it’s more modest than most, which I really like, frankly. I’m pretty self-conscious about showing off my parts. Especially now that the pool room has giant windows facing into the wellness center and into the lounge/wireless area, since they remodeled at the Y. It’s like being in a fish bowl. And people love to hang out and watch the water aerobics classes; it’s a little weird.

My New Swim Suit
My New Swim Suit

(Yes the name of the suit is “Ocean Aquatard”. That doesn’t kill my enthusiasm for it.)

I also got a cheaper lycra/polyester blend Speedo suit from Costco this weekend, so I’m going to alternate wearing them and see which lasts longer.

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  1. Maxine Dangerous

    Yay!! You’re back!! I was behind you in traffic this morning. I kept trying to catch up to you so I could wave hi, but the traffic gods were ruling against me. Oh well.
    I’m totally coming back to w.a. soon. Even though my membership with the Y expired.

  2. kay

    Wow, just what I was looking for and at half the price I was expecting! …so thanks

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