Spike goes to the doggie hospital

I had to drop Spike off at the emergency vet today. He’s apparently having some sort of gastronomic distress and was having bloody diarrhea this morning. We knew he was having some problem; I took him to the regular vet on Saturday because he didn’t seem to want to eat or poop, and he refused even his favorite doggie treats. From his stool sample she could tell he had eaten something he shouldn’t because it was full of something like carpet fibers, which was probably one of the stuffed toys he destroys on a regular basis. She told me to feed him canned food and watch him closely, and this morning it was obvious he’s still having trouble.
So the vet hospital is going to give him some X-rays, and watch him for a bit. They’re also going to give him fluids because he’s dehydrated, and do some blood work to see if he’s okay.
So think some good thoughts for my puppy dog…
UPDATE: The x-rays show that Spike doesn’t have anything in his system that he shouldn’t, so apparently he’sjust still reacting badly to what he ate last week. He’s going on a course of antibiotics and a bland diet to make his tummy feel better. Poor guy.

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  1. ratboy75

    Awww. Spike is such a cute little guy. I am hoping and praying for the best for the little guy. I’ve been to the emergency vet a few times myself. It’s not a fun experience…for owner or owner’s bank accts.

  2. Rachel

    Poor sweetie! Hope he gets back to his crazy self soon…and he’ll definitely need some extra spoiling, in the meantime…

  3. Tami

    I am thinking happy thoughts for Spike! So is Miranda, my 4# cutie!

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