Burglar Alarm

So I set off the burglar alarm this morning by accident. Oops. I climbed out on the roof to cut down some tree limbs so they wouldn’t grow into the roof. Then I went downstairs to move them and take pictures of the new gutters, etc., and I forgot to turn off the alarm when I went out. So the police came, and Dan came over. Sorry about that, Dan.
The gutters look really good. The one in the front on the top roof is still leaking, though, because it’s the galvanized steel gutter on top of the roof. He caulked it, but it’s still got holes, although it isn’t as bad as it was. I don’t know whether to call him and ask him to come back or to just leave it and have it looked at again later in the year. But the gutter near the door is back on the house, and the ones in back look good. In general, the house looks better, which is what’s important. I’ll have photos up tomorrow of all of it.

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