Schrödinger’s Cat

Here is a nice, simple… well okay not simple, but consise… well not consise, really but understandable explanation of the physics paradox of Schrödinger’s Cat. I’ve found myself trying to explain this theory when I was trying to explain why I wanted to name my dog Pavlov and my cat Schrödinger. I did not do either, since people just looked at me funny.

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  1. chell specker

    I was browsing for Schroedinger’s cat poems and found this site, I need some feedback on my “the Budda e-mails
    Schroedinger after he reads his theory”
    Please critique without insult if posible.
    Not so fast Erwin,
    What if
    you are
    nothing but
    a dream.
    Dreamed of
    a cat,
    to open
    a box
    for her own
    possibilities ?

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