Prepping for the big trip

We have a big list of stuff to do, and we’re slowly working through it. I’m not sure whether we should be panicking or not. I think things are under control. That’s strange, in that this is a bigger vacation than we’ve ever taken before, and that we’re trying to get the house clean for our friend to come and stay to take care the aminals while we’re out having fun. Also, there are things to do that aren’t on the list, which has me worried, too. Ah, well, we will figure it out.
Phoebe Gets A Wax Job
Stephanie and her dad, waxing Phoebe for the trip.
How I’ll update the site while we’re gone:
We’ll have limited internet access while we’re gone; Motel 6 doesn’t have high-speed internet, they only have dial-up access, and I have to go through setting that up with my ISP. Ask me what I think about our choice of lodgings. The organizer of the trip is going to realize why this is a problem when I drag the entire caravan of cars to Wi-Fi access spots along the way.
In the worst-case scenario, I’ll only be able to send updates to the site via my twitter, but I will set up a longer list of tweets from twitter on my home page.
I’m hoping that at least I’ll be able to upload photos to Flickr regularly; I’ll have a set up on my home page to show recent photos, too.
If movable type had an easy “email a post” feature, I’d be thrilled, because I could UPDATE MY BLOG VIA PHONE, but of course, the only plug-ins that work are old and buggy with the current version of MT. Yet another chorus of “Expression engine does this!”
On related, but slightly different topic – I need to check whether there’s wireless internet access on the cruise ship we’ll be on for Dan’s birthday.

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  1. lisa linn

    motel 6 only has dialup? oh, brilliant.
    thanks for researching that, though. i’m still bringing an ethernet cable JUST in case.
    i have 20 hours of dialup a month for my earthlink DSL account but i’m not sure i have an 800 number that i can use, and sometimes local calls cost $$.

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