Panel Notes Bad, Food Tasty (SXSWi 2007)

The notes I took for the last three panels are pretty bad, so I don’t know that they’re worth uploading. The grids panel was pretty visual, and there’s a website that covers it. I also went to “ruining the user experience” which wasn’t particularly great, and a panel on “tags to riches” that was completely worthless to me. It was about career paths in the web tech field, and there was nothing in it that I didn’t already know. I ended up leaving and hanging out on the balcony of the convention center to just decompress. Going to a panel for every scheduled time is quite a bit to take in in a single day.
tags to riches panel
I think I ended up going to completely different panels than I planned to at the start of the day; dunno how that happened. I think I’ll stick to my original plans more tomorrow; I think I would have been happier with my choices today if I had done that.
For dinner we just started driving around and ended up away from the convention center at a local bar and grill on Congress called Docs Motorworks Bar and Grill that was great. Mexican food in an old gas station setting; inexpensive and very tasty, with a nice crowd of people.
We’re hanging out to decompress; tonight we’re going out to at least one party – The Frog Design SXSW Opening Party.

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