News from around the house

A couple weeks ago, we took the local ABATE motorcycle training class to get our licenses so we can ride the scooter – and Stephanie and I both passed. It’s fairly intense – Friday after work for 5 hours, all day Saturday and a good chunk of the day Sunday. I was glad to get through it. I still need more practice, though.

I’m continuing to make progress organizing around the house. Our most recent round of work includes cleaning out empty cardboard storage boxes from the basement and organizing packing materials down there. We also got some overhead lights replaced around the house. We had a ceiling fan we didn’t need taken down and replaced with a light fixture in the hallway upstairs, and we had a light fixture installed in the dining room overhead where one has been missing since we moved in. There was one when we looked at the house the first time during our purchase, but when we went back the second time it was mysteriously gone. We bought a fixture to replace it, but it’s been sitting around a couple years waiting for us to install it. So that’s finally done – very nice to have better lighting around the joint.

I’ve acquired a lot of books lately, so I need to amp up the time I spend reading. I’m on the right track with the reduced TV watching, but I need to spend a bit less time on Farmville and Frontierville if I’m going to get any real reading done. Very addictive, these Facebook games are.

I’ve been thinking about and working on a project that combines several of my favorite things to do – writing, photography and web design. I’m making progress on all three fronts for this work and hope to have something to show off for it soon.

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