My Sister’s “Gay” Husband

Several years ago, my sister Stacy brought her then-boyfriend (now husband) Roger to a party I threw. Roger is English, speaks with a British accent, and was visiting my sister here in the US (Stacy and Roger now live in England). Of course, it was one of my parties, so there were plenty of gay people there as well as straight friends. And Roger, being British, and having trendy facial hair and clothes, set off several people’s gaydar. At one point, Dan and Doug whispered to me “are you sure he’s not gay?” and I replied, “no, he’s not gay, he’s European” which caused hysterical laughter and spawned the catch phrase “do you think he’s European?” in reference to anyone who trips off the gaydar. Ever since, Dan and Doug have referred to Roger as “your sister’s gay boyfriend” until Stacy and Roger got married, at which time he became “your sister’s gay husband.”
Well, apparently, the “Gay or European?” Question is a widespread phenomenon. Take the test; can you tell the difference?

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