My 2005 Christmas Loot

Everyone’s blogging about how wonderful it was to spend time with their friends and family. I could do that, but I talk about how great they are all the time. Instead, here’s a list of the cool stuff they got me, because they are awesome. (I still have to exchange presents with my friends Dan and Doug and Kathy).

  1. Wicked: The Grimmerie, a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Hit Broadway Musical book
  2. Fireplace Mantel
  3. Fireplace Iron Grate
  4. Chicken Decoration
  5. Jaarsma Bakery Dutch Letters
  6. Brown Bobby Triangle Donuts
  7. 1933 Collectors Edition of King Kong (with Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young) DVD
  8. Island of the Skull King Kong Prequel Book
  9. a “rain” showerhead for my shower
  10. Bath & Body Works Lemon Verbena Salt Scrub
  11. Bath & Body Works Lemon Verbena home spray
  12. Bath & Body Works Ginger Verbena body lotion
  13. massager
  14. Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs — 5 mls of Annabel Lee, Bearded Lady, Jester
  15. Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs — Imps of Lightning, Fallen and Hurricane
  16. Nancy Drew retro DVD
  17. Wind-up Emergency Radio
  18. Dinosaur Pinata (I totally begged for this, because it’s great!!)
  19. Curious George Hallmark Ornament (#2 in series)
  20. Curious George Band Aids
  21. Curious George Uno Game
  22. Doggie Calendar
  23. monkey stickers (in stocking)
  24. doggie magnetic poetry (in stocking)
  25. The Experts’ Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do book
  26. Dr. Doolittle DVD
  27. Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines DVD
  28. 2 Barnes and Noble Gift Cards
  29. iTunes Gift Card
  30. 2 Different kinds of Laser Levels
  31. A large flashlight
  32. A disposable emergency flashlight
  33. Can of Windshield De-Icer
  34. Coffee
  35. Harry & David candies
  36. 2 Journals
  37. Greenpeace Calendar
  38. Monopoly Hand Towel
  39. Curious George Altoid Mints
  40. Chex Mix
  41. Stocking loot, including Hindu finger puppets
  42. Godiva Chocolates
  43. Chicken tablecloth
  44. Chicken t-shirt
  45. Avon Candle
  46. this years State Quarters
  47. A Sudoku Book
  48. a Candle Holder
  49. 2 Pomegranate scented candles
  50. monkey earrings
  51. handmade candy cane ornament

Stuff I bought for myself

  1. Motorola Razr Phone
  2. King Kong xBox Game
  3. Mah-Jongg PC Game
  4. A Feast For Crows book
  5. Jesus Is Not a Republican: The Religious Right’s War on America book
  6. Best Lesbian Erotica 2006 book
  7. Gourmet Amiguri “Little Monkey Me” (as a companion to a gift I got for Stephanie of a little Monkey version of her.)

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