service engine soon

I’ve recovered, somewhat, from the stress of this weekend. My “service engine soon” light came on in my car, and I freaked out about that on Friday, but it turns out I didn’t put the gas cap on tight enough when I got gas, so when I got a new tank last night and fired up the car this morning, it was no longer a problem.
I went to the Pitch-in Friday night at Deb B.’s. It was pretty fun; we played Cranium. I spend all day Saturday doing laundry at my mom’s; hopefully that will “tide” me over until I can get in the new place. Yesterday I took pictures of some big stone mermaids my friend Lori told me about; they’re at her uncle’s business on the southside. I also took photos of my new rental house and wandered around in WalMart looking at gardening supplies and outdoor furniture.

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