I Love Water Aerobics

I keep meaning to blog that… I’ve been going for the past several weeks, and I ended up joining the Jordan YMCA because I really like the classes, and I started going more than once a week. Get this – I actually got out of bed and made it to Saturday morning classes at 8 a.m. for several weeks in a row now. I went to the deep water class for the first time on Thursday night, which really kicked my ass. It’s not especially harder, just exercising a lot of different muscles (like abs) that I haven’t worked out so extensively. And I went this morning also. My goal is to go three times a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday morning, but if I can at least go twice, that would be great.
I’m surprised how much I missed being in the water all the time; we used to swim quite a bit as kids. I’m also starting to get addicted to the endorphin high I get after the class is over — I just feel amazing driving home.

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