Weekend Wrap Up

These wrap ups are turning into a long list of “finished chores” aren’t they? Oh, well. At least we’re getting shit accomplished. Eventually I’ll write something that someone other than me wants to read. We’ve made some pretty major purchases lately (see dog fence and truck shell), so we’re trying to stay and home and enjoy the house, and avoid spending large wads of cash, so the emergency fund can replenish itself. We did well on that; I think we spent less than $10 bucks this weekend.
Saturday it was raining, and I couldn’t work in the yard, so I went through all my board games and weeded out a bunch that needed to go to good will. Unfortunately, I kept more than I got rid of from the stack I had identified as “getting rid of.” But I have some plans for the one’s I’m keeping. And I rediscovered a number of games that should be fun to have people over to play.
I also spent a chunk of the morning organizing tools in the basement. This was fun because Stephanie’s dad is big on giving her tools, and she has lots of stuff that I’ve always wanted to use. There’s still more organization to be done, but I have a better idea of what we own, which is good.
While Stephanie ran board games to good will and went shopping for her costume, I scraped peeling paint off the siding on the front porch and repainted. These were the areas where water leaked down onto the walls from the roof where the idiot roofer left our gutters off the house all of last winter. I wish I’d scraped and painted earlier; it looks much better. So the porch is presentable for trick-or-treaters. We also put out a giant spider web and some other creepy decorations. This make me wish I had never gotten rid of the life-size plastic skeleton I used to own, though. He’d be great sitting on the bench on the porch.
Saturday night I dressed up as a pirate and Stephanie dressed up as Eloise one of her childhood favorite books. Stephanie looked great, but I’d say I don’t think my pirate costume was terribly successful, and I probably won’t wear it on Wednesday to work. We did have fun at the party, though.
On Sunday, we set a few tasks for ourselves:
1. clean the cat litters out (don’t worry; I won’t narrate that)
2. Put together the log rack we bought earlier.
3. Put together the fire pit we bought earlier.
4. do some errands for the neighborhood association.
5. read
6. watch some of the backlog of shows we have DVR’ed.
7. Plan the grocery list for the week.
I wonder why I only capitalized the items that begin with “p”? Hmmm. Anyway, we got all that done. I also managed to staple some chicken wire fencing over some of the gaps in the fence so Spike can’t crawl through them.
In all, it was a very pleasant last weekend in October.

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