weekend update 2002-06-18

Over the weekend, I painted the picket fence out in front of my house. I also finished painting first floor on the south side of the house and I put up a small wire garden fence and no parking signs in the backyard around the parking area, to prevent people from driving onto my lawn. I did that because I came home from Lowes Saturday morning and found an SUV parked on my lawn, and a moving truck on the parking area. Of course there was no where for me to park. The guy next door was moving out. Naturally, I flipped out, because, you know, that’s me. I flip out at stuff like that.
But anyway, I have to do some more replanting of grass (for the fourth time) to cover the spots where he drove on the lawn. Like I have time to do that with everything else I need to do. I’m just so tired of people not staying off my property. I don’t want to be a giant bitch, but what the hell else am I supposed to do? I can’t afford to put up a privacy fence yet. Should I just let people drive on my lawn, though? What’s the point of me planting grass if people are going to do this?

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