Sewer Lines and Inspections

We found a good quote on the sewer line, so that’s one hurdle out of the way, now I’m just waiting on the loan stuff. I’m going for a different kind of loan to make the house a bit easier to get, but the loan itself is tougher to qualify for than the other loan I was approved for. So I’ll know next week whether I’m approved or not. I have a good feeling about it. I feel like it might actually work this time.
Also, I set up an inspection on Tuesday morning, so I’ll have a complete idea of what needs to be fixed in the house, too, and I’ll be able to take photos while I’m there with the inspector. The owner also replaced the window that was out, so the house is getting more complete. Cool.
This doesn’t stop me from driving by at every opportunity, though. 🙂 Good thing the house can’t call and report me for stalking. Don’t worry; I’m not trespassing on the property, just parking in the street out front. Don’t want to get in that much trouble.
Other people buy houses and don’t make this much fuss over it, don’t they? But I can’t help it; I’m obsessed.
It’s going to be tricky, if everything works out. I’ll have less than a month to move, and I’m hoping to have all the fugly carpet and vinyl floor coverings ripped out and the floors sanded before I move in. I may not have time to get then refinished, and scramble to move at the same time, and get the current residence cleaned and fixed up.

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