Spike’s Birthday Fence

We’re having the backyard fenced in for Spike for his (belated) Fifth birthday present, since I promised him when he was a puppy that he could have a fenced in yard. I called around a few months ago and got estimates from a surveying company to do a boundary survey, and we eventually hired Site Line surveying, who just finished up setting the corner markers on Friday.
Of course, Saturday our neighbor came over to point out my flowerbed edging was encroaching on his line and he was planning to remove it. I immediately dug it out and filled in the edge. The surveying company noted to me on the phone this morning that part of that same neighbor’s sidewalk is encroaching on our yard in the back. I will choose not to be a dickhead in return for his jerkish behavior. Although I did move his trashcan off our side of the line. “Now that we’ve established the boundary lines” as he noted to me. Yes, lets establish some boundaries.
We also got estimates from several fence companies, and Glidden Fencing is coming out to begin the work this week. We have to do a wood picket fence because of the historic neighborhood, so we chose a “gothic” style with pickets set fairly close together so he can’t squeeze out between them. So Spike will finally have the fence I promised him 5 years ago.

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  1. Chi

    If I get the puppies, maybe they can come over and play with Spike. 🙂 OMG, I’M SCHEDULING FUTURE PLAY DATES! lolololol

  2. Chi

    Otto and Alma went to other homes. 🙁 I was apparently not even going to warrant a phone call. I emailed to say I wasn’t sure I could take them because I don’t have a fenced-in backyard and when the shelter wrote back, the puppies apparently already had homes. WTF?? Thanks for letting me know, a$$holes.

  3. Stephanie

    Chi — maybe you could adopt Pedro. 🙂

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