Projects Around the House (Revised)

Revised list of stuff I’d like to accomplish this weekend, if I have time…

  1. Help the neighbors clean up brush
  2. Sweep out the back of my truck
  3. Put my truck bed cover on the truck
  4. Rearrange the living room furniture
    We got part of this done. We still need to move my desk
  5. Rearrange the library and move my desk in there
  6. Clean the kitchen and downstairs bathroom
    We got a lot of work done in the kitchen
  7. Vacuum whole first floor
  8. Take more stuff to the basement (chairs, tools)
  9. Vacuum in the basement
  10. Bring extra waste basket from garage into house for recycling
  11. Clean the aquarium
  12. Plant the rest of the bulbs in the flowerbeds
    I planted 25 Muscari bulbs, 30 daffodils, 2 bleeding hearts cuttings, 2 bearded Iris cuttings, 1 peony cutting, 6 hyacinths, and about 50 tulip bulbs. I have about 75 more tulip bulbs to plant.

    I finished planting all the bulbs.
  13. plant edging pavers into side flower bed
  14. Add step to bottom of basement stairs
  15. Install coat rack bar in Dining Room Closet
  16. Install additional shelf in Laundry room
  17. attach lattice to the back porch
  18. install towel hooks and toilet paper holder in upstairs bathroom
  19. examine top two basement stairs and measure for replacement
  20. hang some of the framed artwork

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