Photos of Our Balcony

I mentioned awhile back that our contractor had finished working on our balcony. When Stephanie and I bought the house, the balcony had been leaking water into our kitchen and the post and railings were rotted through, so it wasn’t terribly safe to be out on it. Also, the screen door was too long and scraped on the floor, so it was hard to even push it open to walk out onto the balcony. Fixing all this was wrapped into the purchase of the house, along with a new roof and the gutters, which are finally (!) done, too.


So we’ve been diligently painting the new posts, railings and deck on the balcony in preparation for sitting out there in the springtime. Stephanie was talking to our neighbor Kraig, and he said that he can’t remember anyone ever using the balcony in the last 20 years; he didn’t even realize there was a door to go out to it. He thought it was just decorative. So we’re excited to be giving new life to a part of our house that has needed it for a very long time.

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