The first day of painting was exhausting — but we got a lot done. Our friends Dan, Elizabeth, and Carolyn came over to help, because they are wonderful people and amazing friends. They were awesome, and thank god we had their help. Painting 10-foot-high walls is hard, Barbie. The walls in my old home are 9 feet, but that extra 12 inches is killer on your back. I think we’ll be investing in a taller step ladder.
We taped off and primed the walls of all three of the “must paint” rooms, which was a pretty awesome accomplishment. Just the having the primer up was a HUGE difference. The rooms were really strong darker colors, which can look great but just didn’t work in this house. They made the rooms look too dark and too small, and the color overwhelmed the really interesting features — like the cool woodwork, french doors, and nice windows. If you’re looking for locksmith services, you can check out Low Rate Lockmsith in Carmichael .We’ve picked some more serene lighter colors, which should make the rooms brighter and fresher, and today we start painting those.

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