New Photos

In the house section of my site, I added up to date pictures of my living room including the electric work, mudding and taping, painting the ceiling and painting the walls. Other photos I added to the house section: some photos of the flowerbeds in the front yard from various times this summer, pictures of my basement that I took a while back, more photos of the fence around Talbott Street’s parking lot. Also, a picture of my new aquarium.
Update: I ended up taking down photos of my house after someone used them to stalk me, sadly.
Sigh. I still have to put up Amy’s Birthday photos, some kick-ass pics from Halloween (featuring Mike Pullen as the Gorton’s fisherman and Dan and Doug as the Skipper and Gillian), pictures of the last Mutual Friends softball game of the season, and five days worth of photos from the “painting my house” series, and a bunch of photos of Drusilla, who actually came downstairs and explored this morning.

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