It’s been a long week

I haven’t posted much, because I’ve been swamped at work, and because home hasn’t been exactly easy either. Tuesday, I got home from work, and discovered that my furnace wasn’t working. I called the repair guy, and he got there a few hours later, but the problem was the ignition component, and he didn’t have one for a furnace as old as mine available in his truck. So he had to order the part from the warehouse and come back Wednesday to install it. So I and the cats and dog slept in the spare bedroom with two spaceheaters. It got down to 35 degrees in the house, and I could see my breath.
He thought it would be Wednesday morning, but it turned out to be 3:30 p.m before he came back. I never got to work that day, because it took so long for him to come.
But Wednesday night, I was able to get the second coat of stain on the living room floor, which looks amazing. Tonight I’m going to put on the first coat of polyurethane, followed by two more coats tomorrow.

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