I’ll never have a career in drywall

I don’t think working with wallboard is a calling for me. I pretty much hated this part of the work. I’m getting better at mudding and taping, but I’m just so sick of working on it that I can’t stand to continue. I still have small amounts of taping to do, and then sanding/mudding/sanding/smoothing. I don’t know that I’ll have priming done by the end of the weekend. I was hoping to, but I played hooky yesterday afternoon after getting up and working six hours straight.
Spike is doing better after his vet visit. He was one unhappy puppy when he came home. Turns out he had an undescended testicle, so they had to make two incision to neuter him. Poor little baby. He’s had so many treats he should be sick. What a sweetie.

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