Choosing the right cookware

Stephanie and I have had several discussions lately about cookware, including one with her dad, who’s an engineer and who has tried cookware made from several different materials. Make Magazine posted this interesting article on cookware materials from an engineering perspective.
About halfway down the page are charts comparing the various materials. I didn’t have a chance to read through the comments.
I recently replaced my teflon-coated fry pan with a copper-bottom stainless steel one. I was worried about the scratches on the teflon coating.

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  1. Jaq

    I’m going through a cast iron phase, which will probably last as long as I can still lift the pans (bloody heavy!). Cheap and amazingly non-stick as long as you treat them right. They also heat evenly, don’t warp, and retain heat for a long time so you can cook at lower temps. I still have (and use) my copper/stainless pans, but I love the cast iron.

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