I started to leave for lunch to get some sunshine a little while ago. Unfortunately, although I remembered my wallet and key card, I forgot to take my car keys with me. And on my car keys is the elevator fob to get past the security block on the elevator. So to get back to my floor, I either had to climb the stairs and use my key card to get in, or ride up the elevator with someone else going to my floor.
So I started back inside, and although I called out to a woman from my floor to hold the door, she didn’t bother, and I couldn’t get on the elevator. So I waited around 10 minutes, but never found anyone else who worked with me. So I reluctantly climbed the stairs and came back to my cube. I think I should have waited longer for the elevator. I’m exhausted. I was planning on getting my keys and heading back out, but I think I’ll sit here instead.

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