Things I totally did not do at work

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“The Tiger could be riding atop a firebolt that is dripping blood, while holding a scotch in one hand and a snickers in the other.”


The results of a far-ranging discussion about what our team name and t-shirt design should be for the Global Corporate Challenge that our company is participating in at work.

UPDATE: I should make it clear – I did not draw that tiger, I got him from stock art. I wish I were that good. When you know that you can totally see the seams here where my craptastic skills meet the edge of the cool illustration. I could polish it up and make it more seamless, but the intent was a thrown-together thing to fit the goofy, thrown-together concept. Also, I ran out of time.

  1. lisa

    uhhhh… now, why did i never try to get you to do artwork for nbeast?? perhaps because i didn’t know you were an awesome illustrator, too!

  2. Steph

    Oh, wait, no – I did not draw that Tiger. Just the other stuff. The tiger is stock art. I wish I could draw that. But no.


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