Steph’s doing great!

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Just a quick update before I run back to the hospital — Steph’s
surgery went really well this morning. They were able to repair her
mitral valve, which sounds (from the surgeon’s description) like it was
even more damaged than they previously thought. There is no leak
remaining at all, which is wonderful.
We got to see Steph at about 12:30, but she wasn’t awake yet. They told
us that she would wake up within the next six hours or maybe even more,
but when we went back in at 1:15, she was awake already! By 4:00, her
breathing tube was out and she was talking a little, though she remains
very groggy because of the pain meds. (She’s having some really
interesting dreams.) At 6:00 they let her have some ice chips, which
made her very happy, and she may yet get to have some liquid tonight.
I’ll try to send another update tomorrow. Thank you all for all the
good thoughts, prayers, and positive energy — it helped a lot. She’s
quite a trooper.

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