Sleep Test

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I went to the hospital yesterday evening to participate in a sleep test to figure out why I stop breathing at night. I ended up getting not a lot of sleep at all, and I was so exhausted yesterday I went home from work and crashed. I’m still worn out today, and scrambling to keep up.

I have bookclub tonight, but I don’t know if I’ll go or if I’ll go home and crash again.

  1. Steph Mineart

    I’m not sure of the results of the sleep test, but it’s possible I have sleep apnea, aggravated by my heart condition, which makes me short of breath when lying down. They have to analyze all the data before they know for sure. I ended up getting a second wind and going to book group, which I’m glad about because I love the discussion and the people in my group are great conversationalists and very smart.


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