I haven’t blogged in over a week

That’s pretty unusual. I’m feeling a lot better; typing doesn’t feel like it’s pulling on my incision like it did before, so I’m not as uncomfortable. Stephanie went back to work today, so me and Spike are hanging out at home together, staying out of trouble. I already went for my morning walk, all by myself!! And I showered and got dressed and tied my own shoes. Woo hoo! I should be ready for kindergarten soon.
I don’t see the doctor until May 31st, so after that I should know when I can get back to work. For the time being, I’m catching up on my reading and TV viewing.
Lots of people have sent me flowers and presents and have come over and done really helpful things; I’m so grateful!! I am lucky to have such great friends and family.

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  1. bilerico

    I’m happy to see you’re back to blogging. I didn’t have anything to read while you recuperated! 🙂 But most of all, I’m glad you’re feeling better! Keep up the hard work of getting back in Steph-shape.

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