Dr. Daniel Beckman, M. D.

Here’s some information about Dr. Beckman, who will be my heart surgeon, apparently. And here’s another bio page on him. Also, here’s some info on some rare procedure that Dr. Beckman is pioneering (not what I need done). Here’s a video [real player required] of Dr. Beckman talking about some rare procedure he’s done on a website about heart surgery. And in this IndyStar article, Dr. Beckman is being interviewed about a surgery he performed. And here’s a mention of him on Channel 6 news’s site about a surgery he performed.

And a couple of medical articles he’s authored or co-authored. One of them is titled “Pain levels experienced with activities after cardiac surgery – Pain Management” — and it’s all about how pain can get in the way of recovery. Yikes! Shouldn’t have read that. And some other paper he wrote, that makes no sense to me at all, but sounds really impressive.

I go to meet with him tomorrow morning at 8:30 to find out more about when my surgery will be and what all I will need to do to prepare for it.

Sounds like I’m going to be in good hands.

UPDATE: I was. He did great.

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  1. btrfly

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while – it is nice to see there are progressive folks in Indy!
    Good luck with your surgery, and thank you for providing this information. I have mitral valve prolapse as well and have always had a murur and never knew it could escalate to the level of surgery.

  2. Steph Mineart

    Yeah, be sure to go to the doctor and have them watch it every year! I had no idea things could change either, until they did. I have a couple of other friends with the same problem, and I’m trying to make sure they keep on top of it.

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