A new room

When I got to the hospital this morning, the nurse told me that Steph had already had some Jell-O and broth for breakfast and they were going to put her in the chair soon and take some tubes out. After she got up into the chair, they had me help give her a bath, which was a little scary because I didn’t want to hurt her. She said it felt good. She got to see her incision for the first time, and it looks good. Then she had some lunch — French toast and cream of wheat.
Even more tubes came out, and they moved her to a regular room in mid-afternoon, far earlier than we expected. She dozed a lot today but didn’t feel like she got much sleep, and she had a pretty bad episode of pain around dinnertime. They put her sleep apnea machine on her for tonight, and that should help her get some rest.
Several people came to visit again today, and we also got a report that Spike is being a good boy. Dan and Doug made Steph a big get-well poster for everyone to sign. Be sure to write something if you stop by.

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